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Photoshop Round Rectangles with Autoshapes

This is a simple and flexible method for creating rounded rectangles works in Photoshop 6 or higher.

            1. To create a rounded rectangle tool using autoshapes you need to select the auto-shapes tool rounded rectangle tool
            2. Select the appropriate roundness from the setting and drag it out onto the canvas.
            3. Now you have a path in the shape of a rounded rectangle. Choose the Direct Selection Tool from the tools panel (or press A), now to turn the path into a selection right click and choose make selection.

You can also fill or stroke the path or turn the path into a vector mask.
Photoshop Rounded Corners with the Selection Tool

This is probably the simplest method for getting rounded selections, in photoshop.

            1. Simply draw out a rectangular selection with the marquee tool
            2. Then goto Select->Modify->Smooth. Then set the radius size depending on how round you want the corners in the selection to be.


You aren't limited to just drawing a plain rectangle with the marquee tool, the same technique also works with more complex shapes

This photoshop tutorial will show you how you can easily add transparent watermark and copyright info to a whole folder of photos.

transparent watermark

NOTE: If you just want to apply watermark to a photo, you can skip step 1, 8 and 9

Step 1) Open your image, go to your actions pallete and create a new action. I’d call it ‘watermark’.

transparent watermark

Step 2) Now create a new layer, choose custom shape tool and click on the copyright sign.

transparent watermark

Step 3) Draw a black copyright sign on your image.

transparent watermark

Step 4) Apply emboss filter to your copyright sign ( filter> stylize>emboss).

transparent watermark

Step 5) Change your layer mode to hard light.

transparent watermark

Step 6) Now choose Horizontal Type Tool from your Tool Pallete, and write anything you want to say under your big copyright sign. Repeat step 4 & 5 to your text. Here’s mine:

transparent watermark

Step 7) To embed a copyright note go to file>file info to bring up the file info dialog. This is where you enter information that you want embedded into the file itself.

transparent watermark

Step 8 ) When you’re done, click on the stop icon at the bottom of the Actions Pallete.

transparent watermark

Step 9) The last step, go to file>automate>batch (or from adobe bridge, go to tools>photoshop>batch). Choose your actions’s name and click on ‘Choose’ to choose your folder full of photos, then under ‘Destination’ choose ‘Save and Close’. This will apply the watermark, and copyright info to your images and then save and close the documents.

transparent watermark


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